What would happen to you and your
family if you lost your home?

Whether you rent or own, your home is a part of you. It's your safe place; the place you belong. If you lost your job, partner, or some income, could you make your rent or mortgage payment? Housing is expensive. Most Americans don’t have enough savings to cover one month – let alone more.

This is why Applied Assurance provides Home Payment Protection through select landlords and mortgage companies.

Ask your lender or landlord about Home Payment Protection today!

HPP provides up to 6 months of protection in case you are unable to make your monthly housing payment.


HPP is included with select leases and mortgages through participating landlords and lenders

You’re covered for 50% of your covered payment including property tax and other escrowed insurance.

You are covered for up to 3 monthly payments per claim, 6 months per 3 years

Assistance from professional financial counseling is included


Loss of Life
Should you or your partner pass away

If you or your partner are unable to
work because of a
medically determined accidental injury or illness

Involuntary Unemployment
If you or your partner loses a job – includes furloughs and federal shutdowns

Reduction in Income
If you or your partner's income is
reduced due to a change in employment or employment restructuring

Natural Disasters
Where the government declares a state of emergency and you are unable to occupy your home due to damage or mandated evacuation

Yes, you're protected for pandemics (like COVID-19),
floods, hurricanes and wildfires


State and local mandates required businesses to close during the COVID-19 pandemic which meant my income came to a screeching halt. In turn making it difficult to keep up with my monthly expenses. Without the payment assistance program, an already extremely stressful situation would have been worse to navigate. Thank you again to Trio and the Money Management team for your guidance, compassion and willingness to help during a very trying time.



With the COVID-19 pandemic me and my fiancé are considered non-essential workers. Of course, bills still keep coming in. We reached out because we didn’t want to be late or not have enough to pay for our lease. We love our home and with this assistance we're still able to buy our home in the future and not be punished for this time that we're going through. We have a family friend who isn’t getting payment assistance and after the pandemic they will have to move out of their home. Home Payment Protection helps us so much! Our home is one less thing to have to worry about.



We lost our jobs. Home Payment Protection was a huge relief. I wasn't getting any sleep before, now I'm getting some sleep. I’ve never been late on a mortgage payment before. I'm working as hard as I can to get things straightened out and am grateful for your help. My friends are being thrown out and losing their homes, I'm glad I’m not in that predicament.